• Solwa

    Solwa is an Innovative Start Up that works in several “Green Technology” sectors for the environmental sustainability and development, as well as the protection of natural resources.

  • Solwa

    Solwa is a Company that boosts a social correct behaviour to what concerns the impact of a correct and sustainable use of natural resources, an ethic management of external relationships and the enhancement of human resources.

  • Solwa

    Thanks to its simplicity, efficiency and low price, SolWa has been recognized as “Idea for the Human Development” according with the United Nations | IDEASS Program

  • Solwa

    Solwa is a Green Technology which is powered only by SOLAR energy, like all Solwa products. It is an environmentally friendly technology and it does not produce any emissions.

  • Solwa

    DryWa is an innovative integrated system fordrying sewage sludge. Based on Solwa Technology, it is an environmentally friendly solution for sewage sludge management.

  • Solwa & Santex Rimar Group

    In 2015, Solwa becomes part of Santex Rimar Group… one of the leading players in the market of machine manufacturers.

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